Thank goodness for the Geek Squad!!!

Friday, my computer decided that slow was the way to go. I don’t mean it took 30 seconds to load a page. I mean 10 minutes to load a page. It took a couple of hours to get running so that I could surf at all.

Well fortunately I got the computer from Best Buy, and had it worked on at Best Buy, so the guys in Geek Squad took it in, and 2 days later, I got my computer back, and the cost …. a big ZERO.

You see I have a maintenance agreement on it, and they replaced my operating drive and got it only and it cost me nothing. Plus it took two days instead of the 3-5 they guestimated.

Again, I say HURRAH, for the Geek Squad!!! Oh, and for myself for having the presence of mind to take out a contract with them.

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