$2 NLHE Full Ring: How do I get out of this hand without going broke?

Hero dealt AsAh CU 1,90$

UTG1-3 fold, MP+1 call, MP2-3 fold, Hero raised to 0,10$, BU fold, SB fold, BB call, MP+1 call

F: 448r ($0,31)

BB check, MP+1 check, Hero raised to $0,20, BB call, MP+1 fold

T: 10h($0,51)

BB check, Hero check

R: 4s

BB raised to $0,50, Hero raised to $1,6 (all in), BB call


BB shows Kd4d

BB wins with four of a kind

I wanted to keep the pot small in case my opponent has the 4. But after the river I didn’t trust him to have four of a kind and moved all in.

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