$0.5 NLHE MTT Turbo: Top pair against BB.

With this stack size I typically raise to 2,5BB preflop. Not a huge deal though.

I like your small sizing on a paired board. He have so many hands, that missed this board, so betting small with your entire range is the right play.

T of spades does not really change anything. QT and TT got there, but they are just two of his many different possible holding, so I like to bet for value again. I do prefer a somewhat smaller sizing like half pot though, since it is still a paired board. He can definitely have a 6 in his hand defending his blind, so your hand is not quite the nuts, and I am not always going to go 3 streets here. The turn bet is mostly to charge his weaker made hands and his draws, while they will still pay.

When he raise, I think, it does look quite strong, because he essentially commits you to the pot, but he does it without actually putting you all in. I think, if he was doing this as a bluff with a draw, he would want to make it look as scary as possible. Maybe I am overthinking it a bit, and he could just be a fish clicking buttons. But I think, this bet size looks like “please call me”, so I would probably let it go.

If you do continue, there is no point in just calling and then facing all sorts of weird spots on the river, when either flushdraw completes, and he put you all in. So its either jam or fold, and I lean towards fold. It does depend on reads though. If he is some kind of goofball, who can have a ton of random bluffs or overvalue all his QX, then you kind of have to close your eyes and get it in.

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